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Purchased hair clipper machine from candylox.com website July 11, 2012.Received confirmation email immediately following with transaction #, etc.

After a week and a half we decided to call and find out what the hold up was with our purchase. Can't ever actually talk to anyone, so we have left numerous voicemails since then. Also sent emails. Again, zero response.

It's now been more than three weeks and still have no clippers and absolutely no communication from www.candylox.com. Buyer Beware. candylox.com does not answer emails, return phone calls or send products ordered. Been waiting for over three weeks and nothing.

Do not buy from them.Have filed a complaint with the BBB and someone else also filed one for this same company less than two months ago with same issue.

Review about: Andis Hair Clippers.



I orderd a wahl five star balding and I order on july 12 2012 I amd I never got it can u please tell me what's going on with candylox ?


I Purchased up to $100 worth in hairclippers and other items. And its been over 2 months already and I havent recieved anything by Mail, E Mail, or and returned back phone calls so I Want to report a complaint to this. This is so uneccesary messing up work schedule at the barbershop by not recieving my items.


i did buy a hair clipper from candylox.com

some thing happened to me never got my item and after weeks later i did receive a used item wish will cost me more to ship it back and never got an answer buyer be aware


As of now I have quit leaving messages and emails.I have yet to hear from candylox in the whereabouts of my order.

Zero communication. Candylox.com epic fail as a company and as of now I'm going to leave it as I will never recieve my stuff and will purchase hair machines at a legitimate store.

I'm just short of a month since order was placed.Now I just need to monitor card used to pay for items to make sure they don't charge me.


Still leaving messages and emails. Still no response. Still haven't received anything.


I ordered a couple items 3 weeks ago and still haven't received them but I'm from Canada so it's reasonable. I was able to contact them right after I ordered and they said their system has been down for a couple of days and my items have been shipped. I still haven't received mine yet so I guess we'll have to wait until their system is back up to contact them.


I purchased an item from this company on eBay and eBay is still listing the item as not having been shipped yet.I have sent an email and left a voicemail everyday since I purchased the item as to when the item will be shipped without any reply from the company.

The phone goes straight to an answering service, the website says that it is down for scheduled maintenance and it will be back up in 15 minutes ( it has said this without any change ), and I have not gotten a response to my emails.Reading the feedback on EBay, I can see comments in which are exactly along the same lines...Going to contact Paypal to see about getting my money back.

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